Starbucks Coffee and My Daughter’s Nap


Our Bestie, Starbucks Coffee


Our Princess


Our Two Princesses

My daughter who is 28 months old hardly takes a nap.
Well, on the weekend, to be exact.

My husband and I tried tons of things we had heard that would work like a magic to put toddlers to sleep, and all had failed.

So we gave up. No more naps on the weekend! How bad could it be anyway? She sleeps fine and well at night. So as during a nap time at her preschool.

Then it just happened. She fell asleep without any resistance when we were driving back home after a lunch at a restaurant. And it just hit me. What about keeping on driving until she wakes up from her nap?

Since then, during the weekend, we just go for a drive around her nap time. An hour and a half drive on average. We just keep on going around and around.

Needless to say, a cup of coffee has been our best friend during the weekend drive.

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