A Border Collie and A Human Child Means A New Car

To my husband’s and my surprise, we bought a brand new car last month. The reason we were both surprised was because we were planning to hang on to the old one for as long as we possibly could. However, something unexpected had happened to our lives.

A baby was born to us.

Before anything, you must know that we have been living with this really adorable border collie girl named Hirame for six years now. We need a car to take her to her vet or to a large park where we can play Frisbee with her. She needs a ride for sure. 

Now that we have a human child. We have to take her to her preschool five days a week plus to a park where there are swings or slides on the weekend. Yes, she certainly needs a ride, too.

You know all children under a certain age must use a child car seat when travelling in cars. That is to say it’s mandatory to install a child car seat in the backseat of a car. That means the backseat of our car is taken by my daughter and me (when I’m not driving, of course). I have to sit next to her coz my daughter is in her terrible twos phase and I have to be near her to soothe her when she throws tantrums.

Well, now the problem here is where we should put the vari-kennel crate for our dog. The only choices we have left are either in the shotgun seat or in the luggage space in the back of our car. We crossed out the front passenger seat first because we couldn’t think of the way to immobilize the crate there. So the crate was placed in the luggage space in the back of the car.

Wait! It’s not the end of the story, in fact, it’s just the beginning!!

There is an important fact you need to know – which is that our then car was a hatchback. That means if we get rear-ended, our precious dog’s life also would be ended. We discussed thoroughly and came to a conclusion.

We need a larger car.

So now ladies and gentlemen, here is our brand new car!

a back shot of our new minivan

a back shot of our new minivan

Why did I post the back shot? That’s because the most attractive feature of this minivan can be found only in this angle.

a very useful sub-door

a very useful sub-door

Yes, this minivan has a unique tailgate. There is a sub-door that can be opened to the side. This sub-door is so convenient when there is not enough space for you to flip up the wide rear door. This backdoor feature is named “Waku Waku Gate” by Honda, meaning “an exciting tailgate” in Japanese. Well, I think the naming is perfect because my husband and I are both very excited about this feature.

Our favorite illustrator's sticker!

Our favorite illustrator’s sticker!

Don’t you just love this sticker? If you want the one with your dog’s illustration, you should give this site a visit. I guarantee your satisfaction!

Our Favorite Illustrator’s Website

And last but not least, I want you to know that both my dog and my daughter are also enjoying their comfortable travel in our new car.

Only this much space...

Only this much space…


There's no way my dog can hop in...

There’s no way my dog can hop in…


No way, Jose!

No way, Jose!

Well, she jumped in easily!

Well, she jumped in easily!

Finally, now I call this home sweet home.

Finally, now I call this home sweet home.

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